The era of basic research is finished. Now you are encountering rapidly moving information across multiple dimensions being mold and analyzed with thousands of people. Writing your postgraduate dissertation is one of those many aspects that bring the human thinking to the point of amazement and astonishment. Sometimes it leads to innovation and sometimes towards a new change. Human Beings are considered as the social animals that run towards the improvements. Your dissertation writing can be considered one of the dots of improvements.

In this post I am going to explain you a discussion over the presentation of Dr Ela Beaumont from University of Slaford. She explains different aspect of the postgraduate dissertation writing.

One of the common problems that postgraduate students face is the expectation and perception of the researchers. They considered it a difficult and out of the world thing. Well, it is not like that.


Writing at postgraduate level

You will be developing your own decisions in the dissertation writing. You will be finding the gaps, developing the questions and becoming more focus towards the subject of your dissertation. Your dissertation will be a lead to many other researches hence; you will be putting more efforts in to it.

Postgraduate level dissertations are usually longer and more time seeking. You will be looking a lot of explanations, making comparisons, looking for generalizations and also looking for the particular ideas.

Characteristics of postgraduate dissertation

You will be exploring new ideas. Finding your starting point, that from where will you be studying and starting your dissertation. Identifying the correct methodology and then implementing it in your dissertation information gathering.

May be you be testing things in your postgraduate dissertation or experimenting. You will learn to do your dissertation by doing your dissertation.

Stages of your postgraduate dissertation

The stages for your dissertation writing vary from subject to subject and domain to domain. However the general stages are as follows

1.       Choosing a question

2.      Gathering information

3.      Brainstorming

4.      Talking to tutors and other professionals in the field

5.      Clarifying the structure

6.      Drafting

7.      Revising

8.     Redrafting

9.      Writing the final version

Learn the standard format of writing a dissertation

Top tips for writing your dissertation

Dissertation writing is considered as crafting your work. Once you will be decided that what you are going to do, you will be much systemized. It’s always better to plan beforehand so that you don’t start writing in an order to present the final output. Your dissertation should be clear in purpose that why you are doing it in the first place.

Choosing something that interests you, is the best way to make a good dissertation, rather working on something that doesn’t helps you to put efforts in it.


Problems in writing your dissertation

When you think about writing a dissertation, remind yourself that why you are writing a dissertation. The two main problems in wiring the dissertation are

·         Procrastinating: Putting things off

·         Incoherence: Gathering a lot of information without a structure to put in.

To cope with these, find the conventions in your area. How experts do describes hypothesis in your domain. How do articles and journals develop the topic in your area? You might like to see how experts write, similar to topics of yours. This will enhance your knowledge in developing your dissertation.

Creating a good title for dissertation

Developing an interesting title for your dissertation is like a sale pitch of your ideas to the next person. Who is usually a reader in your field of interest, and want to pursue the research further or is looking for support from your research. Hence, a good title helps other to easily identify the information in it.

Reviewing Literature of your dissertation

Always look for authoritative sources and make sure that you are getting the most authenticated and reliable one. This develops the credibility of your research and ideas that you will share in your dissertation.

Compile your dissertation

Once you will be finished you have to compile your dissertation, making sure that you are not giving excessive information or too less information. Building the links between the chapters and taking care of the standards of formatting for the reader’s convenience.

Proof-read and editing of your dissertation

It is always suggestive that your dissertation must be proof-read and edited several times to fill the gaps that are left from your perspective. When you give your dissertation to a reliable source such as your advisor or a team of professionals like Top Grade Papers, you receive a quality feedback, basis on which you can expand the quality of your dissertation. At Top Grade Papers we have multiple qualified experts to accomplish this task under the supervision of quality assurance and support team for making sure that the dissertation is edited or developed in the most professional manner.


Presentation Writing Dissertation at postgraduate level

Below is the embedded version of the audio-presentation that describes the different aspects of postgraduate dissertation writing.


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