The answers are as follows:
1. D.
A lot of factors affect the decisions of individuals to go into drinking, these factors include: advertisement of these drinks, family upbringing, peer pressure, curiosity, depression, etc. Different things lead people to start drinking, for instance, some people start drinking when they are depressed and sad, thinking that drinking will alleviate their depression.
2. C.
The key signs that show that someone has taking excess of alcohol include difficulty in breathing  and partial loss of consciousness. Such a person needs urgent medical attention and should be taken to the hospital immediately. Alcohol intoxication can lead to death if not treated promptly.
3. C
Sometimes alcohol are serve in glass cups and you don’t really know how alcoholic the drink is. In this case, you can ask the person who serves it for the percentage of alcohol in the drink or you can avoid drinking such a drink. It is not a good idea to take a drink that you don’t have information about the alcoholic percentage.
4. C.
Alcoholic drinks affect the function of the brain and often cause damages to the brain components. The part of the brain which is affected when a drinker exhibit memory loss is the hippocampus.
5 .A
Drinking affect the brain and affect the ability of the drinker to make decisions. When one has been drinking, it becomes difficult to make decisions such as when to stop drinking and other related decisions.