The correct answer is: C) To persuade his countrymen to not feel hatred toward the British.

In this speech, Mohandas Gandhi, enumerates the reasons why hating the british people is wrong. We can see that this is a persuasive speech, meaning that the author tries to make the audience do something in specific or feel in a certain way about a topic by using diferent arguments. Here Gandhi states that the real enemy is the British imperialism, which is not personified strictly by the British people, that is the reason he makes a comparison between them.  He also states the dangers of reinforcing it, as it can make people choose another type of domination, the Japanese in this case, as long as the British go away.  

As we can see, the arguments used by Gandhi support this main idea, by stopping hate agains the British people, they can achieve freedom and India would be able to take responsibility for his own actions. Although the other options are found in the text they serve, as I say, to illustrate Gandhi’s main point.