The first statement is true, the second false.


The role of discipline in rising a child is a very controversial topic where many parents are on opposite ends. For some, discipline is of upper importance and they advocate strict rules and norms for their children. It means obeying the parents and having limited rights, punishment is used more often than rewards. For others, discipline is an outgrown method of education which produce children with low-esteem, terrified of their parents. They advocate lenient methods of upbringing, such as discussions and persuasions, and they try to be friends with their kids, rather than authoritarian figures.

Adopting a child is a bigger task than having and rearing your own child. Apart from all the paperwork and waiting time prior to the adoption ( which may take years ), the adopted child is not genetically related to his adoptive parents, therefore, the parents do not know of preexisting personality traits or conditions affecting the child in later life.