Answer #1

(A) Literal

The literal meaning of a term is its primary, fundamental meaning; The literal definition of “television” is “viewing from a distance”. You will need to give more than just a literal comprehension of the text. A literal interpretation of a text is done by interpreting each word separately, without examining how the words are used together in a phrase or sentence.


(A) When was Marcus called to the office?

Literal questions demand concrete, honest answers. Answers to literal questions are regular facts, and there is always one correct answer. In reading comprehension activities, answers to literal questions can always be located in the text. Answers to literal questions might scatter light on the who, what, where and when.


(B) Interpretive

At its essence, communication includes making statements and asking questions. While there are various kinds of questions that we can ask, an interpretive question is the sort of question that produces conversation. Interpretive questions attempt to receive answers that explore different interpretations of the vary topic.


He banged his hand down on the desk and then aimed his finger at me. “The *difficulty*, Mr Yallow, is that you’ve been involved in a criminal plot to upset (ruin, break) this school’s safety system, and you have provided security countermeasures to your fellow students. You know that we suspended Graciella Uriarte last week for practicing one of your devices.” Uriarte had gotten a bad rap. She’d bought a radio-jammer from a head-shop near the 16th Street BART station and it had set off the countermeasures in the school hallway. Not my doing, but I felt for her.