Correct answer choice is:

B. Taught religious scripture to illiterate peasants through images.


The Medieval church performed an immense part in the Medieval Ages in which it was totally in charge over the people. Whether you were a farmer, a slave, a monarch or liberal, the church controlled overall. The people were taught in the old times that the only means to go to paradise was if the Roman Catholic Church approved them. Heaven, Hell, and God all subsisted to the personages, it was something they were prepared. They thought the idea to go to paradise was to serve God, Emperors, and Nobles, if you didn’t you would roast in hellfire. Workers were compelled to serve on church grounds and regard the charge of the church without reward. If workers did not have sufficient funds, cattle or food was required to be furnished.  The workers were informed by the Church that if a flop to pay taxes happened, it would drive to their souls proceeding to Hell later they had expired.

As the church was so important a component of daily life, and so prosperous, it was able to give its support to many diverse kinds of specialists. This, in turn, suggested that for a very long period the art created was essentially spiritual in essence.