Answer: 4 people can carry safely for one mission.

Explanation: To calculate the number of moles of CO_2 produces by 1 astronaut, we use the formula:

Moles=frac{text{Given mass}}{text{Molar mass}}    ….(1)

Molar mass of carbon dioxide = 44 g/mol

Given mass of carbon dioxide = 8.8times 10^2g

Putting values in equation 1, we get:

Moles=frac{8.8times 10^2g}{44g/mol}=200moles

We are given a chemical equation:

CO_2+2LiOHrightarrow Li_2CO_3+H_2O

Moles of LiOH by using equation 1, we get:

Molar mass of LiOH = 24 g/mol

Moles=frac{3.40times 10^4g}{24g/mol}=1458.3moles

By stoichiometry of the reaction,

2 moles of LiOH produces 1 mole of CO_2

So. 1458.3 moles of LiOH will produce = frac{1}{2}times 1458.3=729.15moles of CO_2

Applying Unitary method:

As, 200 moles of CO_2 are produced by 1 astronaut

So, 729.15 moles of CO_2 will be produced by = frac{1}{200}times 729.15=3.64approx 4 astronauts.