Example- I have a list of words
Apple, Banana,Apricot,Candy,Sock.
Look at the first letters so…
For me it’s A, B, A, C, S.
What letter in my example is first in the alphabet…
For me it’s A. So you put down your word
You have two words starting with the same letter then you look at the second letter and see which comes first in the alphabet so for me Apple and Apricot.
The second is the same then move to the next letter…
Apple is P. Apricot is R. Which one comes first in the alphabet… P.
So my first word would be Apple then Apricot. Do this for each word and find your order mine would be
Apple, Apricot, Banana, Candy, Socks.
Hope this helps!
Look for first letter of your word and see which letter comes first in the alphabet and put that word first!