A. Punishments for crimes were unequal.


The facts demonstrate that the Mongols, in their success of both North and South China, did significant harm to these regions and that extraordinary death toll absolutely resulted. The number of inhabitants in North China declined fairly, however prior appraisals that there was a disastrous decrease in populace have in this way been overhauled.  

It is likewise evident that the Mongols disposed of a standout amongst the most essential of Chinese organizations — the common administration examinations. The examinations stayed prohibited until 1315, and even after the boycott was lifted, they were never again the main way to officialdom for the Yuan Dynasty, the administration that the Mongols established in 1271 C.E., as they had been previously.  

The Mongols saw China as only one segment of its huge domain. Also, they characterized the number of inhabitants in their area in China into a pecking order of four gatherings — with the local Chinese at the base. The Mongols, obviously, were at the top; at that point came the non-Han, generally Islamic populace that was conveyed to China by the Mongols to enable them to lead; third was the northern Chinese, and at the extremely base of the rung were the southern Chinese.