1 D. You can donate at any age.

In united states, there is no laws/regulation that prohibit you form donating to charitable organizations. These action would be considered as an act of elevating social problems that are faced by other people in society. The only legal risks can only occurs if you somehow use the charity as a method to disguise your tax payment.

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You can make a donation to non-profits anytime you want. But, to ensure that your donation does not go to waste, you need to conduct a little research on the non-profit organization. Make sure that they had proof of their work and not just around to steal your hard earned money.

3. C.Fortune 500 company.

The only difference between the two is where the sense of achievement come from. Working for fortune 500 company would definitely give more advantage in financial gain. But, working for non-profit would help you if you seek satisfaction in improving the wellness of others.

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Each non-profit usually receive all forms of donation as long as the donation is relevant to their causes. For example, if the non-profit is established to help poor kids in Africa in their survival, materials such as foods, clothes, toys, books, or medicines would be accepted.

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Non-profit organizations still pay tax on their income. But the rate usually would be significantly lower compared to other form of organizations. This happen because the government exempted non-profit organization from having to pay sales tax and property taxes from their operation.

6. D. $300 billion.

From united states alone, it is estimated that more than 390 billion dollar is given to charities each year.This number come from the combination of the contribution from Corporate’s Social responsibilities and the donations given by non-profit and individuals donators.

7. B. Not-for-profit” means the money that an organization earns goes to the organization to help it achieve its purpose rather than going to stockholders.

Not for profit organization usually established under a specific cause (such as hunger, environmental problems, etc). In for profit organization, the money form the operation would all be given to the shareholders. In non-profit organizations, the money from the operation would be allocated to fix the problems related to their cause.

8. C.20 – 50

People who donate the most to charities tend to be the people who are still in productive age. these people had higher amount of average income compared to other age groups. Because of this, they are the most likely to have more money on their reserve after fulfilling all of their consumptions.

9. A. .Improve your health, improve your self-confidence and help you become more satisfied with your life.

Studies shown that donating to charities contribute the reduction of stress which might lead to improvements to your health. The sense of self-satisfaction that come from charities would improve your self-confidence due to the perception that you’ve done good for others.

10. A.You may be able to write off your donation on your taxes.

Since they are considered as an act that had positive benefits to society, most governments in the world would consider charities that you’ve given as a tax write-off. This would be an upside for those who are genuinely willing to help. But on the down-side,  many people or corporations use this situation to manipulate their tax payments