The follow of bloodletting started around 3,000 years in the past with the Egyptians, then continued with the Greeks and Romans, the Arabs, the Asians, after which spread by Europe through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It reached its peak in Europe in the nineteenth century, however subsequently declined and at this time in Western medicine is used only for just a few choose situations. However, bloodletting continues for use at the moment in traditional chinese medicine drugs as a treatment for a sudden spike in high blood stress.

The strategies of TCM all involve different approaches to altering the circulation of Qi in order to allow the body to naturally heal itself. Acupuncture uses needles to puncture particular places (acupoints) along the channels that conduct the qi via the physique. Moxibustion uses the application of heat in the form of a burning herb called moxa on the acupoints or on areas of the physique. Tuina Bodywork uses hand methods on the acupoints and the musculoskeletal system. Natural medicine uses plant, animal and mineral substances to activate inner relationships that impact the stability and circulation of the Qi. This also includes the use of particular diets. Qi Gong is using workout routines and meditation to vary the circulation and production of Qi. It can be carried out as a therapeutic technique by the directing of the practitioner’s Qi to a affected person as a way to immediately manipulate the circulation of Qi.

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