Food safety and hygiene are essential and critical parts of healthy eating habits.

It is an integral part of living healthy. Not only that, maintaining food quality is as necessary as maintaining the proper diet. After all, you do want to become fit, but not at the cost of food poisoning, right. So what can you possibly do to keep what you eat healthily?

Here are five quick tips that can save you from bad poisoning and provide you with a more sustainable healthier goal. Read on to find out!

1. Know the food you are buying.

The place you are buying food from is equally important when it comes to hygiene and quality.

Make sure that the place is itself clean and hygienic, and the food is fresh. If you are buying packaged food then make sure that they are properly labelled and come from a trusted source. The package should have relevant labels certifying the quality and inspection certifications as well.

If you do not trust the source then simply do not buy it. Remember hygiene in food production is directly proportionate to your personal safety measures.

2. Pay heed to proper storage norms for food safety.

Properly wash the market-bought vegetables and fruits and refrigerate them to prevent them from rotting.

Even for packaged food, the first step to your personal hygiene is to maintain proper storage. Establish a clean pantry in your kitchen. Make use of different airtight clean containers to store your pulses, legumes and spices.

Storing these things in proper containers will not only make your kitchen and pantry more organized but will also provide you with a clean and tidy environment that will be healthy for you and your family in the end.

Never keep your food open or uncovered. Make inspections from time to time to make sure that the quality is up to the mark.

3. Use well-sanitized kitchenware.

The plates you are eating on are as important as the food that you are eating when it comes to overall hygiene.

Make sure that all the utensils you are using for food preparation, cooking as well as eating are properly washed and sanitized. The cutlery is important too. Wash them, make them completely dry, and then put them away in dry and clean storage space. Space should be well covered, yet with particular ventilation to prevent dampness and accumulation of fungi.

If you are storing your utensils in an open space, then pay attention to the fact that they are washed before using. Even the containers that we talked about must be completely clean with zero dampness. They must be airtight and should always be properly closed after each use.

Avoid using plastic containers. Glass containers are particularly nice when it comes to food safety and hygiene.

4. Properly disinfect your kitchen, pantry and dining area.

Using industrial products is a good idea. But you have to keep in mind to not use them directly around food or utensils.

Maintain different sets of fresh hand-towels for your kitchen. Always keep the kitchen-top clean. Clean the chimney, the microwave and the refrigerator. Maintain a closed dustbin and never forget to dispose of the trash properly. Do not use detergents to clean the utensils.

Instead, use only those soaps that are specifically designed for the purpose.

5. Maintain personal hygiene.

Yes. Personal hygiene is also an important aspect of food safety and hygiene. All your hard work in maintaining the quality can be damaged if you simply forget to wash your hands before food preparation, or before eating.

While cooking and food preparation, always wear an apron and keep a fresh, clean hand-towel handy. Pay attention to your overall appearance and hygiene. It is preferable if you wear a net cap, mask and gloves for better prevention and maintenance. Always touch your food with clean hands.

Last but definitely not the least; do not forget to follow all the above points! Each point is important if you want to maintain food safety and hygiene. Moreover, following these simple tips may also make your quality even better!

So start with these healthy tips as soon as you can and start your healthy living!

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