The probability that a ticket that is randomly chosen will award a larger prize is:


Step-by-step explanation:

Let A denote the event that the ticket is a winning ticket.

B denote the event that there is a larger prize.

A∩B denote the event that there is a larger prize on the winning ticket.

Let P denote the probability of an event.

Now according to the given information we have:


Also, P(B|A)=dfrac{1}{3}

Hence, we are asked to find: P(A∩B)

We know that:

P(B|A)=dfrac{P(Abigcap B)}{P(A)}\\\dfrac{1}{3}=dfrac{P(Abigcap B)}{dfrac{6}{10}}\\\P(Abigcap B)=dfrac{1}{3}times dfrac{6}{10}\\P(Abigcap B)=dfrac{2}{10}=dfrac{1}{5}=0.2

            The probability is: