Hey, It looks like you’re in Algebra and I’m here to give the best solution I can!

To write the equation, you are going to use the Standard Form. Standard Form is one way of solving this problem, and it is used to find the x,and y-intercepts of a problem.
Standard Form can be written using the equation ax+by=c

In your problem, you will write the equation like so, with ‘x’ representing T-Shirts, and ‘y’ representing pants:


Now, in order to find the x-intercept you need to substitute a 0 for the ‘y’ variable and solve the new equation, 8x=220.
I’m sure you know you need to divide both sides by 8 which will give you the answer x=27.5.

Now, in order to find ‘y’ you would substitute a 0 for the ‘x’ variable which will give you an equation that should look like 5y=220.
Then, divided both sides by 5 to get your y-intercept.

Finally,you know that each T-Shirt (x) is $27.50, and each pair of pants(y)costs $44

-I hope this helped you, Sincerely, Auhrevo!