ANSWER 1) Option B) they prepare for contact with it

EXPLANATION: A golfer prepares for contact after he has addressed the ball. A player addressing the ball means that he has just grounded his club immediately in front of or behind the ball irrespective of the fact that he has taken stance or not.

ANSWER 2) Option D) Follow through

EXPLANATION: When a golfer makes contact with the ball, and they continue with the swing is called as Follow through. In this position, the golfer should be facing at the target. It is a stroke made by the golfer to hit the ball in a swing.

ANSWER 3) Option C) Driver

EXPLANATION: Drivers are designed to hit the ball to furthest distance. The driver in the golf is one of the standard golf clubs which is carried by most of the golfers and it is designed to hit the ball to the farthest out of all of them.

ANSWER 4) Option A) They are assessed a stroke

EXPLANATION : When a golfer accidentally makes contact when addressing the ball they are assessed a stroke. This is a penalty which is imposed on the golfer according to the rules of the game. There are several other instances where the ball can move, these situations have different rule and penalties depending upon how the ball is moved and who moved it. An image is attached with the answer for better explanation in different situations.

ANSWER 5) Option C) Course conditions

EXPLANATION : The strength of the golfer, the form of the golfer, the wind, and the course conditions affect the distance the golf ball will travel. Many factors influence the distance of the golf ball that will travel after being hit.

ANSWER 6) Option C) Back foot

EXPLANATION : For a good golf swing, a good balance in
necessary. While making a back swing, the balance should move to the back foot. This creates a proper and balanced turn. Many amateurs fail to move their weight backwards which is why they make a weak move.

ANSWER 7) Option A) Grip

EXPLANATION: Grip is very important for a golfer and it should be chosen according to the comfort level of the player. There are several steps to choose a right grip for the player. These include Grip Size, Grip Material, Surface Texture, Grip Firmness and Weather Conditions.