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Pros: Wonderful impediment avoidance system, one among the better drone cameras on this checklist. Appropriate with automated roof inspection software program corresponding to DroneDeploy’s Roof Report

Cons: Dear, lacks a thermal imaging choice that greater finish drone fashions have

Who’s it for? That is one in every of the preferred drones on the planet, and will be an ideal machine for the average inspector. Learn more concerning the DJI Mavic 2 Professional right here: DJI Mavic 2 Professional

For max durability and leak resistance, we recommend that two coats of topcoat be applied at 100 sq. ft. per gallon, or a minimal of 20 mils dry coating. If two full topcoats are usually not applied, always apply two thick coats to problem areas similar to scuppers, drain areas, ponding areas, seams, and repaired areas. Avoid utilizing Elastek Solar Magic™ or The Shield™ on ponding roofs. Clear skin and tools promptly with water.

The most typical downside discovered and reported by dwelling inspection businesses is the roof. Over 87% of roofs inspected need repairs. A leaky roof can end up costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in damage. Water penetration and roof leaks are the topic of 30% of actual property inspection claims. Roof problems result in 39% of house owner’s insurance coverage claims.

Roofs are sometimes said to be like tires. We only think of them when an issue arises, and roofing company we only substitute them once we completely should. However, after we do consider tires and maintain them recurrently, we are able to lengthen their helpful lives. Equally, we need to make sure that the roof receives the right maintenance to extend its useful life.

CertaSeal is a high-grade adhesive made from a proprietary blend of asphalts and polymers that seals shingles collectively on the roof to safeguard in opposition to wind uplift, shingle blow off, and moisture infiltration. Not like tougher sealants that may dry out and crack over time, it is designed to stay pliable and accommodate the slight structural shifts brought on by years of temperature and weather changes. Study extra.