Of course! Let’s start!

Lets imagine that you have a circle. That circle represents all of the apples that Claire has.

Now let’s imagine this. You take 2/5 of that circle out, you completely wipe it away. These 2/5 are the apples she took out to make the jam.

Ok, so now you are left with 3/5 of the circle, or the apples.

You need to take out 1/3 of those apples to give to your neighbor. So we need to find 1/3 of 3/5.

So, draw 3 small circles on a piece of paper.

Those each represent 1 part of the 3/5.

So what is 1/3 of the three fifths?

1/5 because one circle is 1/3 of 3/5!

So the neighbor recieved 1/5 of the apples!

I hope this helped!

Comment if you have any questions!!
Glad to help!