1) Shortened/tight posterior chain muscles. Although most people think not being able to touch our toes just means your hamstring muscles are inflexible, in reality our whole system (including the lower back) can play a huge role as well! As Mark Rippetoe explains in this video about the Romanian deadlift, what you may think is a lower back issue is also a hamstring issue (and vice versa). You see, the posterior chain is an interconnected series of muscles that includes our back muscles, erector spinae (muscles along our spine), lower back muscles, butts, and hamstrings. Weak mobility points in one place in the system can become debilitating (and often easy to spot) when we do compound movements like the deadlift.

If you’re somebody who sits at a desk all day and struggles to touch your toes, you probably aren’t strengthening or lengthening these muscles because the chair is doing all of the work for you.

2) You have relatively long legs compared to your torso and arms. People with long legs and short torsos will have a greater challenge than people who have short legs and long torsos and arms. But fear not, you too can level up and get those toes touched.

3) You have too much body fat. If you are overweight and happen to have a big stomach, it can certainly make touching one’s toes more challenging. Because you already know that diet is 90% of the battle when it comes to weight loss, focus on nutrition to begin losing weight. This may be a factor in making it easier to touch your toes.


Stand straight with your legs about hip width apart.You want your
legs to be straight, but don’t aggressively lock out your knees either
(this feels like a “microbend” to a lot of people). Begin by bending and leaning forward towards the ground with your quads (front of your legs).

Let your body rest naturally, as if you were a ragdoll. Keeping your hands relatively close together, straighten your fingers and begin to stretch down slowly to the ground.

When you are ready, reach towards the ground and hold it for a few seconds. Measure the distance in one of the following ways: If you aren’t touching the ground, have a friend measure the
distance from your tip of your fingers to the ground.


1: Target the Abs

your abdominal muscles with an exercise that combines the toe touch and
the crunch and is sometimes referred to as the toe-touch crunch, or the
vertical toe touch. Lie in a standard crunch position and then extend
your legs toward the ceiling so your thighs are perpendicular to the
floor. Lift your head and shoulders, as you would in a standard crunch,
and extend your arms as far as you comfortably can toward your toes.
Maintain your position for five to 10 seconds.