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Which lines suggest that Yeats considered the rebels inflexible?

Definition Of inflexible :

[1] [ not able to be bent; stiff ]

[2] [ unwilling to change or compromise ]

Poem // Answer :

[ Too long a sacrifice

Can make a stone of the heart ]

O when may it suffice?

That is Heaven’s part, our part

To murmur name upon name,

As a mother names her child

When sleep at last has come

On limbs that had run wild.

What is it but nightfall?

No, no, not night but death;

Was it needless death after all?

For England may keep faith

For all that is done and said.  

We know their dream; enough

To know they dreamed and are dead;

And what if excess of love

Bewildered them till they died?

I write it out in a verse—

MacDonagh and MacBride

And Connolly and Pearse

Now and in time to be,

Wherever green is worn,

Are changed, changed utterly  

A terrible beauty is born.