This window remedy features a pair of plain ivory and gold satin curtains. You can recreate this look through the use of both the same fabric or a contrasting fabric to create satin scrunchie bows for tiebacks. All you want is elastic and satin – just use a larger amount to create bigger scrunchies for curtains than you would for somebody’s hair.

curtainsMy company is within the means of establishing a rental program for these. We are additionally searching for guidelines for the frequency for cleaning the divider curtains. It seems there isn’t a set pointers apart from “Based on what they appear like”. Everyone knows that simply because it appears to be like clear, doesn’t mean it’s. If anyone has data on this, please e-mail me at “ Thanks!

As talked about above, having a 100% recycled product is the most recent step in our sustainability journey. In 2018 we started decreasing the one use plastic we utilized in and around the workplace, then we moved to recycled or recyclable versions of our packaging, stickers, postcards and so on, and in 2019 stopped individually bagging our express net curtains, and switched to biodegradable mailing bags for all deliveries. We also use all left over scraps and off cuts to make reusable bags, and we donate all of the smaller pieces to textile banks.

The product link comprises several types of curtains, although I’ve chosen to concentrate on these 2-ply ones. There are 8 great colours to choose from, together with neutral ones and more unusual choices equivalent to lilac and aqua. The panels are all fifty two inches vast and they can be 63, 84, and 96 inches lengthy.

Steel Guard’s Accordion Folding Strip Curtains can be found with a universal mount to allow for attachment to door eaves or door fronts – additionally called accordion strip doorways. They are also available in a number of colours, resembling safety orange or weld strips for weld flash protection. Customise them to best suit your application.