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Not sure if you still need these answers, but I’d love to help if you do. 

Here’s a few similarities of watching something on television and watching a theatre production: 

– Both have a director and a team that set up the production beforehand
– Both involve an audience watching actors as they act out lines and actions
– Both involve rehearsing lines and/or actions
– Both involve the use of lighting and sound equipment to improve the quality of the production and convey the contents to the audience better

As for the differences, I think there’s a little more to work with:

–Theatre is preformed in front of a live audience, while television can be rewound, played again, play without anyone watching, etc. 
–Theatre is preformed over and over again each time an audience views the production, while television actors act their parts over and over again for a camera so that the best one can be picked for one final product
–The audience can directly affect actors in theatre, while television productions have already been created and cannot be directly changed or influenced by the audience
–Theatre must occur in an actual theatre/venue/auditorium, while television can virtually be watched anywhere (actual TV set, phones, computers, etc.)
–No two theatre performances are identical, while television is the same every time
–Theatre conveys events with the use of backdrops, artificial lighting, added sounds effects, etc., while television productions can be recorded in many real-life places and situations (pretty much anywhere they can get equipment)
–Effects added into a theatre production occur at the time of the preformance, while many television effects are added in after the recording is finished and mastered

Hope this helped you out, feel free to use the information I’ve given you at your disposal. Also, ask me any additional questions you may have if you need further clarification! 🙂