How to Write an Essay

Essay writing is not a simple task as it requires a lot of knowledge and information about the selected topic. Selection of the topic is the most important element in essay writing if there are different options available for the writer to select from. It is important to start the essay with general information and writer should try to develop a structure with respect to the text. The text should make relevance with the information provided above and should also provide a guideline what is to be describe afterwards. It is important as it built a good grip for the target audience to stay in touch while reading the full essay. This is a very simple guide to make you aware of initial steps to write an essay.

Essay writing is distributed in different steps and her are the steps in a sequence to develop the structure of an essay.

Steps for Writing an Essay

1.      Research

Research is the first step to collect all the relevant information about the selected topic to go further.

2.      Analysis

Analysis of the collected information is the next step to sort out data and extract the most relevant data to use in the essay.

3.       Brain Storming and Sorting out Ideas

Brainstorming is the next step to make concepts from the available data. Next thing is to sort out your thinking and pinpoint the most important idea related to the essay.

4.      Sketching

Sketching of the outline is the next important step for essay writing as it helps in developing different types of paragraphs required for the structure of the essay. This step needs another comprehensive article. That will explain how to structure your ideas into writing and align with Thesis statement and scope of essay.

5.      Conclusion

Next thing is the conclusion and it should be base on the information used in the essay along with such information that helped in reaching to a certain point whether used in the essay or not. Referencing is the last step to provide source of provided information so that reader could have access to the authentic information while reading the essay.