You have spent hours, days or may be weeks on your essay. But while structuring your essay after an extensive research and fetching out the content you might not have left with enough time to format your essay properly so it looks good. Or you may be working in a group and not all your group members are efficient enough to collaborate well-before the deadline. In short you have no time to make your essay look the best along with its content and research.


At Top Grade Papers our experts are working out with this thing over and over daily, as most of the times they receive quite short deadlines. Hence I had developed the best techniques to format your essay look the best in just 5 minutes or less.

Remember, even if your essay is quite well-researched and contains the content that is appealing and interest seeking, it’s still missing its charisma that is the first step to catch the eye of reader and give the first impression of your essay. Remember a well written essay might get you good grades but a well formatted and well-written essay will definitely give you a good grade.

So here are the techniques, I have written them in the chronological order.

1.      Set page settings
the first thing that you should be doing on essay are the page settings. Before you jump to any formatting the first and foremost thing is to set your page. To do that you need to set the following

a.     Set Page size

b.    Page margins

c.     Page layout

2.    Header and footer
right after you fix your page settings of your essay you need to insert header and footer. If you have a more than two lines in your header or in footer of the essay you might have to increase the page margins as well.

a.     You can click on Insert from the menu in Ms. Word and can insert the header & Footer

b.    Always Insert page number first and then other details. Such as your name, university etc.

3.    Set headings & paragraph
you can format your heading sizes easily but first you have to make sure that all of your heading text has been selected under the required heading style. You can use ctrl + drag to all the text you want to be selected as a head at once.

a.     After you had selected the text as heading you can chose from any styles such as font size, font style etc…

b.    You can also select your paragraph text from the same option available on the ‘home’ menu under ‘styles’ and can change its format and sizing.

c.     After heading quickly set the paragraph spacing and alignment. Do make sure you are following the guidelines of your essay provided.

4.    Format Images & graphics
It always look good when you format the pictures and graphics in the essay if any. Most of the students while submitting their essays do not bother much about the pictures and graphics properly, that makes a real bad impression on the instructor or the reader. So make sure your images are not very big or small and not too bright or too dark. Ms. Word provides complete image formatting tools that you can use once you select the image and can make it look better.
I always recommend to use the pre-defined format of images already available in the options that includes the blur edges and boarder effect etc…
you can also insert graphics using the pre-defined options of Ms. Word that helps you easily represent your information in a graphical format and using the pre-defined formats you can make your graphics in essay look more appealing.

5.     Insert Table of Content
once you are done with all the content formatting in your essay it’s time to insert the table of content. You can do that by simply clicking on the references and in table of content select the appropriate type of TOC.

6.    Insert Cover Page
Last thing to add up is the cover page. The cover page can be inserted using the ‘insert’ option and clicking on ‘cover page’ option. Choose a best cover page for your essay there are many predesigned one available in Ms. Word, but you can always create your own. It also takes less time.
You need to edit your Title, subtitle, date and submission details on the cover page.

That’s it you are done formatting your essay. Now save it and press ‘ctrl +f2’ or click on ‘File’ and click on ‘Print’ and then review it. This option will show how exactly your essay will look like when printed on paper or as PDF.

You can do this quick formatting practice on any essay up to length of 10,000 words. As more than that might take you extra with the headings and paragraph settings.

I personally think that a good formatted essay adds value in the well written essay. Also a formatted essay represents your hard work and research on the topic.



Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010