Exams are a sticky reality of any student’s academic career. Everyone can get stress during exams, but one should be
careful and not to let it get control you. In fact you can control the exam stress. If exam stress is not properly managed you cannot concentrate or score well in your exam or quiz. It doesn’t matter if you are well prepared for your exams are not because many top grade students face the exam stress more than those who are less prepared for their exams. 
You should know the symptoms of exam stress and how to control them.


What is Exam Stress?

You must have felt stress at least once before or during your exams. May be minor but this is the feeling that almost every student have faced around the globe. Many of us take exams as most stressful times of our lives.

Minor exam stress can be positively utilized. If it’s not there then you might not be able to go through your history or marketing more than 100 pages book in one or two days.

So facing stress is not a bad thing, but if it goes out of control it can cause panic and disturbance. You might lose your concentration and started feeling angry and annoyed. Sometimes this ends up in depression.

But don’t worry exam stress is a complete controllable state. First let’s see the symptoms of exam stress.

Exam stress symptoms

·         Feeling difficulty in getting your sleep or waking up in morning

·         Started forgetting things you have read or learn

·         Appetite disturbance

·         Losing interest in activities

·         Unexpected and unexplainable aches and pains

·         Feeling constantly tired

·         Increased heart rate

·         Migraines or headaches

·         Feeling Dizzy most of the time

·         Anxiety and irritated feeling

Now if you are feeling more than two to three of the above symptoms its time that you must examine your stress levels.

Video below will help you understand the symptoms and why the stress generates


How to control exam stress?

Controlling exam stress is easy, you just have to follow the below actions and it will relax you out. Remember, if you still feeling stressed then you should need to consult your Doctor.

·         Learn when you feel stressed. Start taking breaks and start chatting more with the person who understands that what pressure you are going through.

·         Eat careful; make sure that you take proper food which includes more fruits. Start taking juices or beverages according to the weather. This relaxes your body and helps you concentrate more.

·         Take proper sleep. You should be taking at least 8 hours of sleep especially during exam days. And try avoiding studying on the bed.

·         Exercise. This is the one best way to control your stress. Physical activity is the best method to control the stress level.  Try to make exercise a habit in your daily routine.

·         Quit the bad habits like cigarettes, alcohol. These never stopped anyone being stressed for so long.

·         Don’t do post-exam jumps. Yes, this is when you are done with your exam and start asking your friends and classmates that what have they wrote. You can never go back and change it. So it’s better give your-self a break and then reflect back for your academic learning.

·         The best and most effective way is to remember that exams are not the only thing in the life. There is a life after the exams.

Do you know even Mr. Bean have controlled the exam stress? In fact he transfers it to other candidates. Enjoy the video