Answer: Second option – memoir


In his book “All Rivers Run to the Sea”, Elie Wiesel tells the story of his own life before and after the Holocaust, from childhood to maturity.

The book is not a biography, since a biography – though it tells someone’s life’s story – must be written by someone else, not by the person around whom the story revolves. When writing about themselves, authors would be writing an autobiography instead of a biography. And that is not an option in this question.

A memoir focuses on some aspects concerning the person’s life. While biographies and autobiographies focus more on the chronology of events, memoirs tend to approach personal interpretations of events and their effect.

A scholarly study is usually some sort of document – essay or article – written by experts of a certain field. Their purpose is to present and discuss results of projects, studies, or experiments.

A fictional narrative, as the name itself reveals, does not concern real life. It tells a story about fictional characters. Even though real life events may be incorporated to the plot, the characters and what happens to them are fabricated.