Writing a Critical Analysis Essay

This type of essay requires the writer to be able to aptly gather information from various sources, be able to sort out what is relevant and then use that information to write a well communicated and intellectual paper. Various sources that an author could use to gather information for this type of essay are books, articles, newspapers, and the internet. Most instructors will give you a minimum number of sources to use. When researching it is important to quickly read over each source and make sure it is relevant to your topic. Make a notation to remind you which source you would like to use. Then return to the sources and read them carefully and without bias. Make small notes with very few words so you can make sure your final paper is all your own original work. Make sure to keep a clear list of these sources, so that you may give them credit in the body of the paper, footnotes and of course your sources page, also called a bibliography, at the end of your essay. After you have completed your research, pinpoint what your paper will be about. It will revolve around one to three sentences called a thesis. Once you have your thesis, begin with an outline. Outline your paper with the points you want to make in each paragraph or section. Then let the writing begin!

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This essay can be extremely difficult to write, because as humans we do not critical think in our daily lives. We have predispositions to topics and things. Through experience we become jaded and biased to the world around us and our thinking about a certain topic or issue will always stem from those biases and discrimination that we have already formed. An author of this type of essay must first be able to push those feelings aside and look at the topic with sterility and from all angles. Success in writing a paper such is this is all in the first paragraph, which ends with your thesis sentence, which sums up what the paper is about. Choosing a topic that is of interest to you and beginning your paper showing the reader your excitement and knowledge of your chosen topic will impress the reader and push them to keep on reading.

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