The Philippines, commonly known because the “Pearl of the Orient” is an archipelago of 7107 islands with a wide variety of great locations considered by many as paradise. From the hustle and bustle of the great city of Manila to lots of the true white-sand beaches and virgin forests scattered throughout the islands, it is a spot where everyone can find something that may suit their taste.

Discovering the great thing about each of the islands is a task that may take a lifetime however should you know what you like then you may select from any of the locations under that suit your particular needs and taste. Whether or not you just a tourist looking for the nice old souvenirs or the adventurer seeking to search out the following new place to discover there’s something for you.

For Nature Lovers.

Nature has blessed the islands with quite a lot of natural resources and this includes virgin rain forests, indigenous wild life and scenic locations. In case you are keen on nature then you have many choices to places to visit, from Zamboanga in the south to Vigan within the north.

For the wild life lovers you possibly can go to Davao where you will find the endangered Philippine Eagle, or to Donsol the place the well-known large whale sharks ply the native waters, and maybe take a dive in the waters of Puerto Galera which is dwelling to a few of the finest coral reefs anywhere within the world.

For the scene lovers, take a trip to Palawan the place scenic rock formations, underwater rivers and magnificent caves are abundant. Another place you may visit is Albay which house to the Philippines most active volcano Mt Mayon, a volcano with a perfect cone that has erupted over just a few dozen times in the past century. Pagudpud in Ilocos north of the Philippines provides a few of the most scenic and panoramic views on the islands which embody the Mabogabog Falls and Saud beach.

For the Beach Bums

If there’s one thing that Paradise Philippines is known for it is the good number of sandy white beaches that are scattered around the hundreds of islands. From the popular beaches of Boracay to the hidden beaches of Palawan there are literally hundreds of lovely beaches to visit. A aircraft or boat ride away from Manila you may journey to any of the paradise beach places in the Philippines.

A few of the best beaches in the Philippines embrace Coron, a town in the Busuanga Island in Northern Palawan, Bohol with hundreds of white sand beaches, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, and Cebu City. Where ever you go there are beaches and resorts that will suit everyone’s needs.

For the Party Goers

When the streets of Manila light up after dusk a whole new look to the city takes shape. From the neon lights of the red light districts to the hundreds of casinos, the karaoke bars and discos, and to the wonderful restaurants, whatever you need to do you can. You’ll be able to party all evening within the discos of Makati or the modern clubs of Manila and Quezon city, there is virtually no limit to where you can go to have fun and party the night away.

For the History Buffs

Hundreds of years of history have formed the Philippines into what it is today, a melting pot of cultures from European, Asian and North American cultures. If history is what you’re after, then you will discover a vast number of historic locations you can visit on many the Paradise Philippines islands, from the walled city of Intramuros in Old Manila constructed by the conquering Spaniards within the 16th century, to the Rice Terraces of Banaue constructed thousands of years ago by the indigenous natives of the twineillera, and to the more current ruins of Corregidor which served as fort for the American troops throughout World War II.

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