In general, only a handful of things can go wrong with your ceiling fan. This quick problem solution step by step will help you identify the problem with your fan, if you have a problem with it.

The ceiling fan does not work! That I have to do?

If the fan is not running at all, make sure there is energy first in the fan. If there is power for the fan, then the problem will be with the wiring or the fan motor. Verify that there is power to the wall switch. Check if the circuit breaker is turned. If there is power or current that runs on the fan, the only option is to reach the housing and verify the wiring.

Remove the motor housing, and thus a visual inspection inside. Look for any obvious or direct sign that there are shorts or disconnections: The cables are not connected, for example. If the wiring looks well inside the motor housing, check the connections in the electrical box of the ceiling.

If there are no visible damage or obvious problems, then the next step is to remove the volt meter or the multimeter, and Ceiling fan troubleshooting start testing the connections. Start with the fan engine. If you try and find that there is current that is connecting to the engine, but the engine is still not rotating, Ceiling fan technical support then it is likely that the engine no longer works. There are several reasons why the engine may have failed. For most guarantees, the engine may be covered if it is a defect.

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