1. This is an interesting anecdote about a young man, Jeremy, who simply doesn’t fit in. One day Jeremy unintentionally scored for the other soccer group. That caused a not very great day. Jeremy attempts to utilize a persona yet inside, this oversight was truly irritating him. Consistently, Jeremy goes into a live conversation with the main companions he has online. That day he was acquainted with Nethergrave. I propose you to pick “Nethergrave” to study again, in light of the fact that it has anticipation, dramatization, and, at long last, commotion.

Moreover, the accidental goal as illustrated by Skurzynski, is to portray the real feelings of the protagonist: how he is not able face the real world he lives in.

Therefore, I am sure, option-C is the answer to the question number-1.

2. Option-C here is the right choice. Again, to understand this, we need to understand the denotation of the word ‘chronic’. Chronic refers to illness and recurrence, but has no relationship in regards to cause and effect. Thus not chronic can represented by option-C.