Plagiarism iconEvery student needs reliable plagiarism software to make sure that efforts and time invested in the paper or essay don’t go wasted by any unintentional plagiarism. One of the most sensitive issue students face now a days is the acceptance of the paper and the first thing that measures the essay acceptance if plagiarism.

Universities have strict rules about plagiarism and almost all universities have zero tolerance level on a plagiarized paper submitted. Many students take the advance support or assistance from experts to proof-read and detect plagiarism in their paper. This helps them to make sure that their paper do not contains any unintentional or intentional plagiarized content that can lead them to get a bad grade.

Now you might have been using multiple or one reliable plagiarism detection software but in this post I will be giving you a complete industry overlook. This includes the best plagiarism detection softwares for the students and their pros and cons to best meet your needs.


Before we begin let’s see what a plagiarism detection software must do to be listed as the best one.

  1. It should be easily accessible
  2. Contains a good industry reputation over millions of results
  3. Should be fast in detecting plagiarism
  4. Has a micro-level accuracy
  5. Should not be very expensive
  6. Easy to read plagiarism report
  7. Does  not store your paper in the database for re-selling purposes

There can be many more other variables to measure the performance of plagiarism detection software, but these are the focal ones that are mandatory for the best PDS (Plagiarism Detection Software).


Product of Turnitin the leading university grade and plagiarism check software being used by many educators and universities around the globe. You might also have provided with the access to it for your submissions that will be directly scanned and most of the time graded or provide relevant comments to your teacher/instructor about your paper helps them to easily grade your essay or paper.

WriteCheck is the software that scans your essay or paper when submitting it to your teacher. It is also available to be used independently by students to check it before submitting to your teacher/instructor.


WriteCheck claims to be the one of the leading plagiarism detecting software with guarantee of not storing the scan documents for resale purposes to any paper mill. They are also backed up with the world leader in intellectual property rights. It means your paper is absolutely safe with them.

But that’s not it. Top Grade Papers have been using WriteCheck for years and they had found it very accurate and helpful in terms of easy to use user interface and plagiarism reports. They not only give your essay or paper a plagiarism scan but also check for your grammar and writing structure with another service known as e-rater. That is a plus point!

WriteCheck is not a free plagiarism detecting software. It costs you approximate $6.95 USD per 5000 words. Basically they don’t charge you monthly or annually but you can buy credits as ‘pay as you go’ and can scan your essays or papers.

Well if you are an individual student with 5-10 projects and 25-40 assignments or essays a year then this is expensive services for most of the students. So you have to make sure that you work best before you check with the WC as if you had found plagiarism in your essay or paper then you again has to rescan it after amendments, which means another expense.

Watch the official demo video of WriteCheck for checking your essay or paper.


WS is another simple but useful tool for plagiarism detection available for students and educationists. Mostly students are taking benefits by their service as they are also providing dual reports. Along with their plagiarism reports they provide your compliance report of structure and grammar.

They are not free as well; they charge you based on your scenario. They have different charge rates for students and educational institutes. Approximately they are charging on different rates. These are

Individuals $100 annually, Department $750 annually and Single Campus with $1000 annually.  (Price & Guide source)

Their user interface is not as appealing but the service is good enough for students.


Viper – Scanmyessays

Now if you are looking for something free to check your essay and paper plagiarism then this is the service you should be using. Top Grade Papers had also used this tool for testing on different papers and to provide you the review.

They are providing you a software to download on your computer. It is less than 1Mb in size. After easy installing you can register it online in few easy steps and can input your user and password to login. Once you are logged in you can easily add your papers and put them on scan.

You can do multiple scanning as well as single scanning. You can choose the category for each paper to be scanned in that direction of database. Plus you can do scanning from your own database. It means if you make a library and you have few documents you can check your essay or paper against those. Other than scanning your papers and essays from the ones in your computer you can have a side by side comparison for better understanding of the plagiarism in the paper.

The software gives you the overall percentage of plagiarism and you can save an html version of the plagiarism report as well. That can be easily emailed to anyone.

Most of all this is absolutely free. There are no upfront or hidden charges. They had recently introduced a facebook application as well. So you can scan your essays and papers directly from your facebook account.

Important! I had found in their terms and conditions that how they will be treating your essay or paper. They will be using your essay to store in their database so that in future if someone scans a paper they also compare it with your paper already stored in their database. Yet the full ownership of the paper (copyrights) remains reserved with the original owner. But after 9 months your paper will be published as an example for other students to help in making their own essays or papers.

“When you scan a document, you agree that 9 months after completion of your scan, we may upload your essay to our student essays database so that other students may use it to help them write their own essays.  You agree that any right you may have to remuneration for such use of documents is waived.” (Link to Terms & Conditions) *under heading Storage and use of your document

So if you have no issue for your paper to be published for other students after 9 month of your scan then this is the best free software for your plagiarism check. They also have no restriction on the word limit or scan limits. But be careful, if you’re first scan and your teacher / instructor’s scan date has 9 month of gap then there is a possibility that he/she found your complete paper available in the Viper Essay database.

Viper Scanmyessays - screenshot plagiarism detecting software

Other Plagiarism Detecting softwares

There are numerous other plagiarism detecting softwares available on the internet. You might have encountered few of them during your essay writing check. So I am listing them down for you if you have tried them or want to try then do give us your feedback on that. We will be more than happy to publish it on our blog for other students to choose for the best plagiarism detecting software.


  1. PlagScan
  2. ephorus
  3. Plagaware
  4. Plagiarism Analyzer
  5. Plag Tracker
  6. DupliChecker
  7. Grammarly

The review is developed based on Top Grade Papers and its clients and team user experience with this plagiarism software’s comprised over years. There is no intention to provide how well or bad software performs. The performance may vary from user to user based on the nature of scanning and the update versions available from the time this post is published. If you have found any ambiguity or want to add any information please feel free to email me know.