1 Persevering. He remained with the matter until there was some resolve. He clearly sought after a positive result since he remained on a leader when things were at their darkest. He could have been home at Mount Vernon making himself and his significant other more agreeable from his homesteads and speculations. 

2 He kept his own gathering. I mean he wasn’t inclined to requesting that lesser officers share his wretchedness or happiness or anything. He kind of left us with the possibility of a solitary pioneer as a national picture. He was correct by chance as administration by advisory group is just a formula for calamity. 

3 His technique was splendid. He outmaneuvered the best armed force on the planet, their soldiers of fortune and pioneers. Obviously he had been a military pioneer for over 25 years when the Revolution broke out. His first significant order was a Virginia civilian army walk against the French at present-day Pittsburgh. He lost, at the same time, clearly, he learned. 

4 While not driving by board of trustees he did enroll and utilize a portion of the finest military personalities in Europe. Lafayette, Pulaski and von Steuben are however just the better known Europeans who came to battle the Brits and advance the American cause. Washington was never excessively glad, making it impossible to request and acknowledge some assistance.