1) Finish homework which is due the next day (Tuesday).

2) Prepare for a French test that is due on Thursday.

3) Prepare  a science project that is due on the following Monday.

4) Prepare for the algebra test that is on the next friday.

5) Complete her essay that is due in two weeks.

6) Plan a surprise party for her best friend’s birthday that is on weekend after next.


As Fran must list her priorities, starting with the most urgent task for the least urgent, the last place on her list of priorities must be the surprise party for her best friend’s birthday, because Fran’s academic life must be more important than parties and friendships, so she should only worry about her friend’s party when she finishes her academic tasks.

Regarding the academic tasks, Fran should start with the one that the date of delivery is closest, so she can deliver all her tasks in the right time, avoid delays in delivery and avoid problems in school.