Step-by-step explanation:

Given : The admission to a local carnival is $6.50 per person and $2.50 for each ride.

To Find: Which equation can she use to create a table with this information (where p is the number of persons, r is the number of rides, and t is the total cost of admission and rides)?


We are given that Jenna wants to know much it will cost her to ride a certain number of rides at the carnival.

Since no. of person is 1

So, Admission cost for Jenna is $6.50

Now let us suppose she wants to have r number of rides.

Cost of 1 ride = $2.50

Cost of r ride = $2.50r

So, total cost of Jenna = 6.50+2.50r

Since we are given that t denotes the total cost

So, 6.50+2.50r=t

Hence she use an equation 6.50+2.50r=t to create a table with this information.

So, option B is correct.