49-angle Wei Delman dissatisfied Brown 4 points Wei Mefield before rejection

Richard Sherman felt dissatisfied with Baker-Mayfield before the start of the game.

In fact, it was Cleveland nfl jerseys Brown four-point guard to reject the coin session before the game and the San Francisco 49-person angle guards made him anger.

“Amazing and gas-cheap china jerseys free shipping thing is that he didn’t have a handshake,” Sherman said. “This is a junk approach when college. This is ridiculous. We all worked hard to face our opponents, but shaking hands with your opponent is wholesale nfl jerseys from china etiquette. When you make a low-level trick, this is the no respect for the game. Believe me This makes us power full. “

Obviously the fact is true. Sherman turned to Merfield after 2 minutes of the game.

Shelman said that it is especially true that a young player is not polite. “Respect the game,” he said. “You can have a dead enemy, but at that time you have to respect & mdash; & mdash; especially when you are still young. He is in this alliance inch. How many games did he won? He made like a last year’s MVP If Mahmus is another thing. But he will never do this because he is very respectful. “

“And when you see people who don’t respect the game? You use each chance to make him modest. Because in the end, he will respect the alliance, or he will leave the alliance.”