The correct answer is A. Anasazi


The term early American civilizations refer to the civilizations that existed before the arrival of Europeans to the American continent in the 15th century including the Maya, Olmec, Anasazi, Inca civilization, among others. In the case of the Anasazi, this was a civilization that developed on North America including the modern territories of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, territories in which they created a network of small settlements based on stone houses. However, in its beginning the Anasazi were mainly nomadic, which means they did not live in one specific territory all the time but move according to their needs and availability of resources, indeed it was found they were nomadic hunter-gatherers in their origins around 1500 BC but decided to be sedentary around 300 AD which allowed them to build complex cities and became a complex civilization. Thus, the early America civilization that was largely nomadic was the Anasazi.