Eagle coach: The first sedent is still Sanchez

In the sixteenth week, the Philadelphia eagle was lost in Washington, while the opponent Dallas denim was home to the Indiana Pony. The eagle also bid farewell to the competition for the playoffs. The last week’s competition has nothing to do with the eagle. Many people support the second-year quartz-Barkley Matt Barkley to exercise. When asked the first quarter of the satellite candidate at the 17th week, the eagle coach, CHIP Kelly, said that Mark Sanchez will still be used. Kelly said in an interview: “Sanchez is our current first four points.”

Saint Glaham frankly he was still injured

Although the injury report of the New Orleans Saints Should Shoulder’s shoulder injury in Jimmy Graham has healed, he fondurates it. A few days ago, he said that injury in the shoulders of the fifth week is still plaguing him.

Kirk Cossonus will speaking on the Michigan State University Basketball Team

Beijing April 5th, the Michigan State University Basketball Team has finally entered the tournament since 2015, they found a outstanding alumni to provide some realism.

Former Lightning Quarter, Tyrod Taylor, will sign a contract with Texas for one year, and the contract salary is up to $ 12.5 million. Texas will also sign a Terrance Mitchell, a Terrance Mitchell, and a contract salary up to $ 7.5 million.

In an interview with a reporter, Glaham said that he “every day” is still in the torture of shoulder injury. At an interview on Friday, he said: “This season shoulder injury independence, sometimes I can endure pain to participate in the competition, so I am afraid I will continue to hurt the game.”

However, Griffin II still shows some performance than the average level in the game. For example, he has been underestimated by the highlights, so if he can accept the role of the substitute, it will still be very market. And his current contract is hard to be traded, so the way Griffin III franchise other teams only have free players to sign this path. Let’s take a look at which teams are the potential home of Griffin II.

In a recent interview, Manning said he plans before making any decisions about the future to take a year off. He said high school coach to be broadcast guests and it is possible to choose. Manning also said he would like to continue cooperation and the New York Giants.

Baltimore Crow: The crow also has a core quadruple but lack of reliable substitute. At present, the collar’s substitute quarter-saving is Matt-Shao, and Shao Bu is a short half of the 2012 season. The performance of two seasons is disaster. In addition, the crow current offensive coordinator is Marc Trestman, which is known for the tuning quartz, if Griffin II joins, he will learn many experience from Trestman.

Cosins spent 4 seasons in Michigan State University, including the first quarter of the three seasons. From 2009 to 2011, Cosmin led Michigan State University to achieve 28 wins and 12 losses, including 1 win and 2 losses in the bowl. Coincidentally, one of the new bowls is the University of Technologies.

He added: “I just want to play in the game and contribute to the team. In addition to winning, I really don’t care what data I got, even if I won 15 times, I’ve got 4 times, but the game lost What is the meaning? “

Eli – Manning: retired New York Giants and hope to continue cooperation

At the end of 16 years of his career, Eli – Manning (Eli Manning) has no intention to become nfl jerseys coach, but he is still a strong desire to continue to do things and football-related.

Sanchez passed the ball in the last week of the last week, and the team was directly led to the team. He played 8 games this season, a total of 13 mistakes, his protection capacity of the ball stayed in the jet period, which also made the eagle fans very dissatisfied, and such performance also made Sanchez to serve as the first season The position has become a question.

The giant and defensive end Leonard Williams will sign a $ 63 million contract for 3 years, including $ 45 million security, $ 22.5 million signing bonuses. Williams showed excellent performance last season, completed 11.5 times, 14 times, causing a hug of lost code, 30 quarters impact.

Last season Hendriksen completed 13.5 times, 25 four-point guard, 53 times to the quarter-saving, 37 forced four-dimensional quick shot. In the two regular sessions of the Saint Win the Pirate, Hendriksen completed 3 killing.

Former Sea Eagle Horn, Shaquill Griffin will sign a contract for three years and the contract salary is $ 44.5 million, including $ 29 million security. In addition, the American tiger will also sign a $ 7.25 million contract with the former Black Panther’s near-end Tris Manchz (MANHERTZ), of which 4.25 million is guaranteed. The addition of their lions and Lions, Marvin Jones, go now Jones’s contracts for two years, with a total salary of $ 14.5 million, of which is $ 9.2 million is a full guarantee.

Manning is currently in Mississippi home past few months at home, accompanied by his four children. In addition, he also spent time involved in various charitable projects. However, he did not send it through the ball.