Xiao Marak may not be able to participate in the first regular season

With the update of the message, now we can determine that Andrew-Lak will absent the part of the regular season due to shoulder surgery.

Logan said: “We hate them, they also hate us. The fans of both sides also hate each other. This is a purely annoying. They always complain about everything, I want to say, shut up, concentrate playing Let me hit you in each gear, stop unnecessary complaints, then it will only make me more violent. You are a man, this is a football, closed his mouth, like a man, I have hit like a man. “

Breddy is at the 2000 Cheap nfl Jerseys from china Elective Conference, in the sixth round of 199, the patriot was selected, there was a sentence today. “No matter which round you are selected, you are valuable.” Previously, the only player who was finally entered in the sixth round was that the lion team defeated Jack Christiansen, which was the sixth round of 1951.

One thing is worth noting, the pony does not rise to Rark’s return, because their offensive line is not small, the center is absent from the shortage of injury, leading to the offensive line of Sunday, running each time The ball only advances 2.9 yards, allowing the defensive group to complete 5 killing.

He is not a joke, in an interview in 2011, Braddy said he felt helpless after the second or third round of the elective, and left home before leaving the home before leaving the small pressure. Because he can’t stand there to come to the results.

Brown-like Yuan defensive end Feng Mai Lees-Galt regression training

This year’s draft-shaped Miles-Gals Garrett has returned to the first regression of Thursday since the high shot of the ankle on September 6.

Jackson said that Galt looks back in the past in the training. “I am very happy that he can participate in the training” Jackson said. “Want to talk to the medical group, treat him carefully and wisely.”

“At present, I am focused on becoming the best player. I am in this unique situation. You can see my game video. I don’t have to prove yourself in the university show day and body measurement, so I am in a unique The situation, I can focus on preparing for the new season. “

The eagle new show horn, Eric, Eric Row, made a similar point of view: “The last game, at least at the offensive end, I saw that they have been crying. They always ask for a foul to the referee, Jason –Witten, whenever he is covered, you will look at the referee, ask if there is a yellow flag, then complain about the referee. Many pick-ups tried to ask the referee to discharmatically brought the penalty, they love crying Little baby? “

The boss of Indianapolis horses, Jim Irsay, said in the first preseason of the team: “I have to say that the recovery of Lak is not as good, there is nothing. Can be concealed, I can’t determine if he can prepare the first regular season against the Los Angeles ram. “

An ordinary resume of a bachelor’s degree may be in the financial sector. Or becoming a golf ball or a golf salesman, which is also very common in this resume. I think Braddy has now rewritten a new resume: the mediocre ball is more powerful, repairing the park pool, dancing, and making a cold expression.

After gaining the David O’Brien Award symbolizing the best university in the country, it was widely believed that Bo, who became this year’s draft-shaped championship, causing a guess during an interview.

Broad, Bo, Ohio, believes that “is an interesting idea” and “it will be very fun.” But when you are asked if you want to be tiger effectiveness, his answer is “I want to play So, no matter which team picks me & mdash; & mdash; I am a player, I will play. “

What you n’t know: Braddy’s personal resume

The four-point guards of the new England patriots released a self-resume on his face on Thursday morning, and after the fifth round, I really need it to get a little. Role. “

“I have an impact on the ability,” Bo said. “They have their processes, I have mine. We haven’t gotten the camp yet. There will be a lot before the draft, there will be many information will be collected.” But he did not explain it in detail.

Old Eagle Front Player: Hear of the Cowboy

This week Dallas denim and the Philadelphia eagle will meet in the Sunday night. The eagle defensive front player Bynnie Logan said in an interview that the two teams hate each other, no one will like each other.

Bolo also said that he would participate in physical measurement, but it is uncertain to how much item will participate. Of course, when the body test is started, the outside world will be placed in his future instead of the body side project.

The popular people choose Joe-Bro: have the ability to affect the tiger’s draft decision

Whether Joe Burrow from Louisiana State University will be effectively used by the team after Eli Manning, Eli Manning in 2004?