The Alliance admits that the Saint of the Saint Dragon has a timeout error.Beijing September 11th NFL once again sentenced to the penalty in the new Orleans. However, at least this new Orleans won the game.

The first place is Ezekiel Elliott, 2nd is Dak Prescott, and the cowboy has 3 player ranks first 4, there are 5 player bit The top 15, this is also the first place in the new show list, and there are two new show lists before the list.

In this regard, Eric Winston, Chairman of the NFL Player, wrote a letter to all players, said: “As we all know, newly improved drug inspection policies include growth hormone testing, this Item test will be performed next Monday. Every week, a total of 40 players will be tested from the eight players. All tests will not be carried out in the game day. By negotiation, we are told to test the professionalism of the test process Safety will be guaranteed. More importantly, after three years of taking a war, the players have got a questioning for test results. If the test results are positive, the players are unacceptable. “

NFL will perform growth hormone testing on playersJust in last week, the NFL Alliance and the NFL player guild reached a new banned policy, including a detection of gigant in the player. According to NFL official website, Cheap Nfl Jerseys will perform this test next Monday next Monday.

It is reported that the statistics include all products sales from February 1, 2016, including jerseys, short sleeves, stickers, figurines, toys, photos, and other related products. Although Elliot is the sale of the total product, Pleste is the first of the garment product.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Carson Wentz is the first 10th Philadelphia eagle since Michael Vick. The player has once again entered the top 10 in the list, and the only eagle A player in the top 50 players.

“This is a problem in the media and social media environment. No matter how fast you say & lsquo; Sorry & Rsquo;, the previous speech has spread very wide. You can’t reclaim it. I hope I can recover because of this ruined The friendship and relationship between us. I really feel sorry for this. “

“When we judge him after his attack, there is still 41 seconds left,” Rifling said after the game. “Then we suspend the game back video. After we completed the task, we should reset the clock in the 41 second position, because we suspend the game at that time. At the time, we should ask the Papentian coach whether you want to be paused To avoid consumption of 10 seconds. We unintentionally built the clock in 26 seconds instead of 41 seconds, then minus 10 seconds because he is not willing to pay. “

After the public criticized Brown, the relationship between the two was deteriorated rapidly. Finally Brown was traded by Auckland raid in March this year. And in this year’s break, big leaders can also be questioned.

Recovery progress, good crow, near-end Pita regression trainingThe near-ended Dannis-Pitta returns to the training field on Thursday, the Barndia Crow with the tweet account to show his training performance with a video.

The second time, Pita recovered from the surgery, the right hip injuries, can be running and brought by the route in personal training. According to local media reports, he once able to grab the ball door beam to do the bodies up. The ESPN reporter reported that his performance looks “more fluent” earlier this year.

No matter what happens, it seems that it seems to know the external impression of the outside world. He recently invited some teammates to visit home, and now I am open to Brown now. But his apology can be repaired and Brown is still an unknown number.

Big Ben passed to the end of the game to the opponent’s end zone. He later slammed the route running outside Antonio Brown in the radio program. Datinas also criticized the offensive coordinator Landy-Fizina did not let the outside of the last wave of junju-Schuster more participation.

The 29-year-old Pita was signed a 5-year 32 million US dollars in the past two seasons in the past two seasons in the past two seasons. The problem now is if he is too fast to return to the game, the doctor will feel more serious about the hips injury.

At that time, the saints were behind 3-14, they advancing the passing of the michael thomas to the midfield. At first, this offense was considered to complete the three-speed conversion and 41 seconds left. After Thomas confirmed that after the end of the junction, the Saints hurriedly prepared to quickly start the fourth flight attack. At this time, the referee stopped the game and decided to retrurit the third gear offense.

“I have received some criticism, because I have some comments in the show, especially for his comments, this is what I live,” Datun. “I really feel very bad about this. I am sorry. I didn’t do it too much after the game of Denver? Maybe …”

Pita was optimistic about his own NFL career this season before the end of April. Now, now makes the coach John Harbaugh, which feels good to his recovery progress: “Dennis participated in half training, he did very well. So, we don’t think he will absent the game.”