The correct answer is D. A co-founder of the United Farm Workers


At age 19, César Chávez joined the Navy and served for two years. By the laws of racial segregation, enlisted Hispanics could only be painters or cleaning personnel. Chávez often referred to that stage as the worst of his life. When leaving the military life, he married Helen Fabela, with whom he had eight children. Like many immigrants, he chose to make his life close to his own and over the years returned to San Jose, California where he met two of his mentors: Father Donald McDonnell, with whom he instilled the idea of peaceful protest, making him know the teachings of Saint Francisco de Asis, Ghandi, and community leader Fred Ross.  

Chávez took his first steps in the world of civil organizations in the Ross group of the Community Service Organization. His first task for many others was voter registration.  In 1962 he founded, together with Dolores Huerta, the National Farm Workers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers.

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