Choosing a job because you get more money over a job that you would enjoy is what I would call not smart. My reasons are because: I would love a job everyone was my friends, I knew everything, and people can count on me. 
   Working at a job you enjoy is like you’re living in a Christmas-everyday wonderland. You wanna know why, well because you have friends that you can count on and can talk to when you’re bored. If you work in a place where there was no joy and you just get payed more then that would mean you would have no friends because other people are working there butts off trying to work hard to earn the money they’re getting on their pay day.
   Also not only would you be able to count on others but others can count on you. That would mean that you would know stuff and at the same time are being trusted. Now if you worked in a place that you get more money though, then the other people would wanna be showing off to their boss so they can get paid extra and you wouldn’t be trusted even though you aren’t doing anything wrong
   In addition, Like I said all of these are technically that people can count on you and you can count on other people. Usually people say “Treat others the way you wanna be treated” so if you get trusted by people, you can also trust the people that are trusting you to do stuff.
   In conclusion, just think about what I said: If you were to choose one of these it would be better to work in a place everyone is friends, can count on you and you count on them, and you can still know what you need to know. Not the other way around or else you wouldn’t enjoy working there even if you were being payed well.

I’m pretty sure that was either 100 words or more than 100 words. If you are to write an essay about this, you can use my essay for some parts, just don’t copy all of what I wrote or you can write some of it just don’t copy word-by-word. Which would be plagiarism.