Milosz writes poems about death during his time in times of the threat of fascism. In his poem, ‘Song of a Citizen’, the first verse is:

A stone from the bottom, who has seen the seas dry up
And a million white fish leaping in torture,
I – poor man, see swarms of white denuded people
Without freedom, I see the crab which feeds on their flesh.

He portrayed the 
destruction of human beings, races and nations.with the literary death of fish, insects, crabs and reptiles. This was his attack on the inherent fascism which brings brutality to humanity during war.

On the other hand, Szymborska writes about death in a more personal way. On her poem entitled “On Death, without Exaggeration”, 

always arrives by that very moment too late.
In vain it tugs at the knob
of the invisible door.
As far as you’ve come
can’t be undone.

She grew up in Poland during the World War. She has seen a lot of deaths and is likely very afraid of it. But over time, she learned to conquer her fears and she showed us that death has its weakness, too.