The correct answer is “D”

Pax Mongolica (also known as Pax Tartarica) is a Latin phrase meaning “Mongol peace” and is used by Western scholars to describe the period of social, cultural and economic stability experienced by the different native peoples of Eurasia who were conquered by the Mongol Empire during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The term is related to the flowering of commerce and communication between the conquered peoples and the period of relative peace that followed the vast conquests of the Mongols and parallels that of pax romana, which refers to the peace that was experienced the Roman Empire at its peak moment.

The exchange that existed between the West and the East was not limited to material goods: there was also a great exchange of people, techniques, information and ideas. For example, Juan de Montecorvino, the archbishop of Pekin, founded Catholic missions in India and China and translated the new testament into the Mongolian language.