1. Option A, grassland

2. Option B, vines, ferns, and sloths


1. As it is visible in the picture, the biome do not consists of any large grasses or wooden trees thus both option C, taiga and option B, temperate forests rule out as these two consists of wooden trees.

Also the option D tundra is not the correct answers as tundra regions are associated with barren lands with no form of agriculture or plantation and extreme cold climatic conditions.

Hence, the only applicable solution left is the option A, grass land

2. Here option A is incorrect as arctic hares and foxes are seen in colder regions such as tundra.  

Option c, cedars, pine trees, and warblers are wooden trees , thus this option is also incorrect

Option D is also incorrect as most of the animal species on grassland are grazing animals like bisons or rodents and few carnivores.  

Option B, can be a right choice of answer as all forms of small creeper plants that can grow in a grass land.