1. Introduction: Paralysis is when your body looses its ability to move properly. In this presentation I will teach you about paralysis and the properties that make such an interesting disease.

2. What diseases cause paralysis?: Paralysis is usually caused by damage in the nervous system or spinal cord. Another thing that can cause paralysis are stroke, poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and many more. These diseases are very harmful to the human body.

3. How does the disease damage the central nervous system?: Paralysis happens when communication between the brain and spinal cord is blocked. Usually by blood clots. When this happens a stroke can occur. But if it damages your spinal cord you could loose all feeling on the lower side of your body.

4. What treatments can help reverse paralysis?: So far there are no treatments that can fully reverse paralysis, but there are rehabilitation treatments. such as Physical therapy and Occupational therapy.

5. What do these treatments do?: Physical Therapy use massages, heat and exercise as a way to stimulate nerves and muscles. Sometimes this can help them get feeling back. Occupational Therapy helps people learn to do every day things again.

6. Conclusion: While I was reading about how paralysis works it occurred to me that so many people suffer not being able to move. I have you have learned a lot from my presentation.

I hope this help:D