basically, all your information is right there. washington didnt want to get involved in any foreign wars, because america was not prepared for battle considering it was so newly founded, and we would get demolished if a war happened to start. so the choice that the two made was to simply not engage in any warfare. in addition to that, other possible intervening in European affairs on Americas part, would not be wise. the country needs to concentrate on getting itself on its feet before they can concern itself with other countries. by america keeping to itself, it eliminates any possible disputes with any other countries. basically what your teacher wants you to write is just if we should follow the example of these two past presidents – should we remain isolated from these countries? if i were you, i would use current events as your supporting details. if you disagree with isolating the country, then you can talk about how the economy depends on trade with other nations for the countrys supplies and needs. and you can talk about how we need allies for any possible disaster that may come americas way. for example, the eathquake in haiti – many people from other countries fled to haiti (including america) to help with the crisis. if something like that happened in america, we would need that support and help as well. on the other hand, you can talk about how we are in so much debt into other countries already and we cant afford to make any possible movements that could cost us any more money. you could also talk about war, and the effects of it which can be seen from the iraqui war. there are meny ways to go on this issue. do some research, and youll be ready in no time.