Answer: The correct answer is Option C.

Explanation: The heat required can be calculated by using the formula:


where, q = heat required or released

m = mass of the substance

L = Latent heat

As, this process is the melting of ice, so latent heat of fusion is used:

H_2O(s)rightleftharpoons H_2O(l)

Latent heat of fusion for ice is 334 kJ/kg

Mass of the object = 347 grams = 0.347 kg  (Conversion factor: 1kg = 1000 grams)

Putting the values in above equation, we get:

q=334kJ/kgtimes 0.347kg\\q=115.9kJapprox 116kJ

Converting kilo-joules into joules, we use the conversion:

1 kJ = 1000J

So, q = 116000J

Hence, the correct option is 3.