Wade is a five-year show this year. It is poor during the training season. It has been surpassed by Chris Westry in the depth lineup and cannot be selected for the next week’s final 53. The patriot is currently the depth of corner guards, and Stephon Gilmore is still absent due to the four muscle injuries, and it has publicly expressed the dissatisfaction with existing contracts.

Newton said in an interview on Wednesday: “This is for me and the team are of great significance, after all, our team has been not so good luck in the playoffs (the Panthers first playoff win in nine years forward).”

“I have notified him if he immediately takes me to develop measures to him, I will change the decision to relieve the relationship and continue to be his agent,” Rosenhaz said on Wednesday. “Otherwise, this decision will become permanent. For me five days to change the decision. I hope that he will take the necessary measures to let his life returned regular.”

Rosenhaus announced on Wednesday that he has notified the decision of the two parties to terminate the partnerships, but he said that if Manze can enter the treatment institution within five days, he will change his idea.

Patriot trading gains a crow hooded Shaun WadeUS Time Thursday, according to ESPN reporters, the crow will transaction new Shi Gu Shuen Wade to the patriot, get the number of drafts of the other party.

Denim boss Jones: No need to win the ball code king can also win a super bowlBeijing July 30th, running, Ezekiel Elliott, the death of Ezekie Elliott, did not see the end, and Jerry Jones, Jones, Jones, have seen itself in trouble. .

Panthers in nine years after the last win in the playoffs only been to the playoffs twice, namely at 13:33 on 2009 lost to the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers lost to the last 10:23. With 49 games Newton is the only career playoff game, that game in 16 of his 25 pass contributed 267 yards a touchdown two steals, he said that last year’s playoff experience gave myself a lot of help : “I think last year, losing not because of poor talent, but also experience as opponents this ball so I learned a lot in the field to remain calm and wisdom, a good grasp of hand timing, constantly acquiring first gear to keep the offensive group. playing time. playoffs and regular season is totally different, only relying on a wave of flow instability is difficult to control the game. “

Cowboy Special Service Group: We can replace HarrisDwayne Harris is one of the players of Dallas Cowboys, in order to get the big contract, Harris, to the New York Giants, reached a 5-year value of $ 17.5 million in the summer, for cowboy It is forced that they have lost an excellent attack.

The last season is Hunfris’s first full-service debut. With the new Shuai Clev, Kliff Kingsbury, Kyler Murray, Johor, and the anti-Ramp offense showed significant improvement, Henfris is more indispensable. One ring.

Memago’s previous broker, Eric Burkhardt announced in February that he had ended his relationship with Mansell, and he said “Responsible attitude is the basis of any relationship, no This attitude, my work cannot be achieved. “

Dan Bailey, Dan Baile, said: “Unfortunately, we lost him, but you shouldn’t blame him, this is part of the business.” Bari is the team’s kick, so often training often and Harry AC. He evaluated Harris: “He is a very kind guy, so he can complete 17 times in the special team, where he will be a good player.”

US Time Monday, according to Wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, the rickets and Hunfrins have renewed about $ 45 million contracts. Salary includes $ 29 million security, 30 million US dollars will be paid within two years.

Newton desire scored a career playoff first winThis season is the Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton – (Cam Newton) fourth year in the league, Newton only played four years without winning a playoff game this year is Newton’s second chance, he was very eager to get their first playoff victory of his career.

Now, the star player who is waiting for (new contract) is not only Elliott, and the cowboy must be solved in turn according to priority. Elliot’s rookie contract is currently two years, without participating in the team training, he will go to the St. Lucas, Mexico to conduct private training.

Jones said: “This is one of the troubles in the alliance, because everyone knows, there is no Emit – Smith or Iqiger – Elliot does not affect you to win the super bowl. In retaining At the same time as Leot, you have to make sure you have other necessary players. This is our current problem. “

Jones last time to go back to the similar situation to 1993, the current famous Hall of the Trusted Emit-Smith (Emmitt Smith) In order to obtain a new contract, there are two regular seasons (cowbi lost). Jones finally served soft, gave Smith, and cowboy also won the super bowl along the way.