Wayne and teammates Malvin Harvin Harrison and PeiTon Manning have formed a small horse to attack the passionate attack, Rotao noted they helped Pats to win a series of seasons victories. And win the 41st super bowl of champion.

Because it is unable to protect the four-dimensional Tantan Open offensive line player

Recently, Tennessee Titan once opened its own offensive line player Ken Whisenhunt, and the people were very surprised by people, but they know why people asked “Why is it now only?”

It is reported that the reason for the opening is because his mistakes have caused Jake Locker, Zach Mettenberger, Markus Marcus Mariota. Quad-defense injured, although Titan thought this was just luck.

In the 2 seasons of the coaching jet, Gates took 9 wins and 22 negative records. Under the influence of injuries and other factors, the jet is first lost, but then welcomes 2 consecutive victories. Joe Douglas, the new coach and the general manager of the jet, will be held in this year’s draft. The two needed to decide whether to adhere to the 23-year-old quarter Sam Darnold or the new quarter-saving in the draft.

Last season, Henry scored 1540 yards, ranked first, and also achieved 16 times. He is therefore selection of professional bowls. In addition, Henry is the first player at least 180 yards in three consecutive games.

If the jet is lost in the sixteenth week, Gates will be dismissed after this game, so that they can quickly start collecting handsome work. However, the jet once again burst wins, making the Gaz to be taught throughout the season, and also let Jacksonville Tigger ensure the champion.

Run Guardrick – Henry can’t take about about Tennesi Titan

According to the inferry of Adam Schefter, the ADAM SCHEFTER, the Derrick Henry and Tennessee Titan are expected to sign a long time before the deadline on Wednesday.

When he was working with Falcon, he worked with the Falcon’s current offensive coordinator, so Chester learned about the regional opening system of Sha Na Khan. At the same time, cutting the old head in the Falcon After Justin Blalock, he had the opportunity to become a leader of the team. In the rest training, Mike Person is in this position in most of the time.

New York jet is expected to dismiss the master Adam – Gain

According to informed people, after the end of the season of the new England Patriots, the New York jet is expected to solve the employer, and the adam gase will begin to search for the new coach.

One day of rest should help Hilton will return to the court at night. If Hilton cannot completely recover, four-point guardian Andrew Luck will rely on Dong Te Moncrief and New Xiufert-Dot (Phillip Dorset), and old will Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson) ) To fill Hilton’s vacancy.

After the first week of the fourth quarter of the Buffalo Bier, this is the first time this Pony head number will participate in training this week. Although he left in advance, Hilton took the 88 yard data leading the team with 7 clicks. “Depending on the reaction of my knees tomorrow,” Hilton said to the media. “It is a great thing to play in the game on Monday.”