I will FAN, give you POINTS and a MEDAL to the first person who helps me and gives me the right answer Amendment Idea Template Your Name ____

Step 1–Describe how amendments have affected Americans’ participation in government. Give specific examples from the lesson, including amendment names. 

Step 2–Brainstorm ideas for an amendment to the Constitution. What change do you think would make a positive difference in the United States? Ask trusted adults and friends for their ideas. Don’t worry about complete sentences or spelling in this step. 

Step 3–Choose an amendment idea from your brainstorming activity. Title of Your Amendment 27th amendment Write a paragraph to explain what this amendment will do and whom it will benefit. This amendment will deals with pay raises or decreases for members of Congress. . Those who will benefit the most will be members of Congress because Changes to Congressional pay must take effect after the next term of office for the representatives. 

Step 4–In your own words, explain the process that your amendment will have to follow to become law. First, the idea will have to another election would have had to occur before the pay raises can take effect. Alternatively, it could limit how Congress can increase how much its members are paid. Then it must the US Constitution can be changed or have additions made to it. Alternatively, it could then deletions and modifications are referred to as Constitutional Amendments. 

Step 5-In your own words, explain why this process is difficult to achieve but important to the nation. The amendment process is difficult because an incredible number of Constitutional Amendments have since been introduced to Congress (over 5000) but only 33 of these have been accepted and formally proposed by Congress, although only 27 constitutional amendments have been ratified (approved). However, it is important to have a way to amend the Constitution because  Only one of the constitutional amendments have been repealed (overturned) – the 21st Amendment that repealed Prohibition. An example of why it is so important is these additions, deletions and modifications are referred to as Constitutional Amendments.

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