4- The answer is A) Join groups that share your values or offer activities you like in order to meet people with similar affinities to yours.

5- The answer is D) Assertive. The person is simply standing up for him/herself in a polite and educated manner by explaining how the actions of the other person made him/her feel.

6- The answer is C) as these people clearly have standards other people must meet in order to form part of their group.

7- The answer is B). In this case you are encouraging people to form part of a positive movement.

8- The answer is D). As in this situation there’s no paternal figure but the grandparent.

10- The answer is D). Because it prevents the argument to get out of control by taking all the parties (and their feelings) into consideration.

11- The answer is C) as you’re making them feel listened without judging them or taking the spotlight away from them.

12- The answer is C). Standing up for yourself and not giving in to peer pressure.

13- The answer is C). Every culture is different however they all have in common their gender roles strictly related to sex (female/male) and their behaviors.

14- The answer is D). As this activity helps the household (in a minimal level)

15- The answer is A). As these actions represent approval

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